About us

We are a multi-professional team and we are convinced that we can achieve more together.

We all work individually, but see particular advantages in working together:

  • our different personal and professional backgrounds and working methods complement each other to your advantage,
  • with our multifaceted experience we open up new horizons for you,
  • by taking different perspectives, we achieve the best results for your concern.


Who we are?

Karen Leppien

Karen Leppien im Beratungskollektiv

I'm a lawyer and mediator and have lived in Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada and the Netherlands. I know how groups work and will happily support you in English.


The others say about me:


  • "With her sensitive gut feeling and her good sense of justice she takes care about everybody getting a fair share of attention."
  • "For the sake of an amicable solution Karen can be inconvenient. But in the end, everybody knows what they get and the clients can get down to the nitty-gritty."

Contact: Karen at Leppien.net 

Valeska Pannier

Valeska Pannier im Beratungskollektiv

I'm a psychologist and worked for years as a moderator, in adult education and training. I especially enjoy supporting other people with their personal development. I have experience with leadership and in-house conflict resolution.

The others say about me:

  • "Valeska has a very committed way of stirring up situations in a positive way. She is loyal to all parties and brightens up even the toughest emotional situations with her fine sense of humour."
  • "Eloquently and with diplomatic finesse she draws interest and makes people curious about what's next."

Contact: valeska.pannier at posteo.de


Heiko Wolf

Heiko Wolf im Beratungskollektiv

I'm a political scientist, licensed* mediator (by the German BMEV) and have worked on different jobs for many years. I was a development aid worker in Capetown, I am a partner in a middle-sized business and I have expertise in working with companies, teams and families.

The others say about me:

  • "There's strength in serenity" is a perfect description for Heiko's way of working. Even when things are heated and rough he stays cool-headed and stands with his two feet on the ground."
  • "Heiko usually knows the way but he can also adapt to a situation and adjust a course as circumstances demand. But whatever happens, he always remains calm."

Contact: wolf at optisem.com

 Tel.: 0178 / 522 022 1


*by the law on mediation